How to get involved

Normally there are many ways to get involved.  However, we are not currently accepting ideas and our website is in the process of being updated.

Like many others in the Charity sector one of the challenges arising from the Covid 19 Pandemic has been the reduction in our income and we are currently assessing the implications for our operations and any grant giving future.

Once we have completed this review, expected in the Summer, the website will be updated to reflect our revised structure and show our priorities for the future.

In the meantime, we will continue to work with our Partners on a number of initiatives.  If you have any questions, please do get in touch via the contact us page.

We all share the responsibility to create a desirable future.


If you want to donate time, resources, equipment or even money to the Foundation or a specific idea or project, please use the ‘Contact Us’ form.  Please provide as much detail as possible, and one of the Foundation Team will be in touch with you.

Contact us to make a donation

Steering Panel

A small group, our Steering Panel is a sub-committee of the Trustees which helps shape the annual programme and reviews suitability of projects and possible funding sources. Membership apart from the standing members, i.e. Trustees and Foundation leads, is by invitation and will meet at least 3 times per year.


Composed of recognised industry and sector leaders, our ambassadors are handpicked to support specific projects. With at least one Ambassador assigned to each project, they are its mentors, serve as its external reviewers, and are its most ardent champions. They will help disseminate key findings once projects are completed and promote their wider application.


Our partners support the charity’s ambitions. Valued for their knowledge and experience, they consult on key areas of strategy, fundraising and the promotion of our various causes.


Like our partners, they bring important knowledge and experience to support the charity in a variety of ways, including providing strategic, fundraising and promotional guidance. However, unlike our partners, they remain anonymous.

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Do you have an idea for reconnecting with nature or disconnecting with carbon in everyday London life?