Nature Action Hub

In progress

Across the country, people are concerned about the perilous state of our environment and are taking personal action in their local areas to protect and restore nature.  One of our key activities is the Nature Action Hub, an environment experts’ volunteering platform, which brings specialist advisers together with community groups seeking ecological guidance for their projects.

Working together with Sussex Wildlife Trust, the Southwood Foundation’s Nature Action Hub is making it easier for the environmental experts wanting to volunteer to identify projects they can help on, giving communities access to informed advice on the best steps to take for the environment.

We plan to expand the Nature Action Hub into London and other areas of the Southeast of England over the coming year. We are currently developing a section of our website dedicated to the Nature Action Hub, which will published early in 2023.

To date, our experts/volunteers have come from Temple Group and Rothamsted (our Strategic Partner) – to which we are extremely grateful.  We have recently approached a number of other organisations including CIEEM and a select number of larger consultancies.  However, we still need more volunteers and would be keen to hear from anyone with relevant expertise or experience.



Project Reference: TSFP2

Please quote this reference number when contacting us about this project

How to Donate

If you want to donate time, resources, equipment or even money to the Foundation, please use the ‘contact us’ form. Please provide as much detail as possible and one of the Foundation Team will be in touch with you.