Mapping the stakeholder landscape for sustainability

In progress


We launched the Southwood Foundation to help build connections between people, organisations and sectors working towards creating a more sustainable future, in order to try and accelerate the joined-up action needed.

An important element in achieving this is having a full picture of the sustainability community and identifying the individual organisations within it. To achieve this, we decided to start mapping the sustainability stakeholder landscape.

Using publicly available data, we have been gradually building such a map. It shows the cross-sectoral landscape (policy, standards, community and business) of roughly 300 non-profit organisations working towards sustainability. As far as we know it is the first of its kind.

The Project

In collaboration with academic experts we are progressing our initial research. We want to get a fuller picture of how the organisations all fit together. Focused initially on London and the South East, we are identifying linkages, existing and potential, between all the relevant stakeholders.

Having built a prototype, we are now developing our ideas with partners, exploring various ways in which this mapping process can add real coherence, and act as a tool to support rapid co-ordinated action on climate change and biodiversity.



Project Reference: TSFP1

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