The Bats Are Back!


We are delighted that the bats are back!

This recent sonogram of greater horseshoe bat calls, recorded towards the end of April, shows that they have been exploring inside the newly renovated bat roost in West Sussex, which is fantastic news. At that time, the weather was still a little too cold for them to move in for the breeding season, but it is great news that they have been checking it out in preparation, and we are looking forward to them moving in soon now the weather is warmer.

The Southwood Foundation supported the Vincent Wildlife’s campaign to buy a derelict stable block in West Sussex where a pioneering group of greater horseshoe bats with young pups had been discovered. It was the first significant record of breeding greater horseshoe bats in the southeast of England for more than 100 years.

Much work has been done at the site, fixing the roof and walls to make it as habitable as possible for this rare species. Five pups were born at the site and hopes are high that there will be further births this year.

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